Materials PET, PS, PP,
Nominal width 1000 mm
150 microns for foils up to 2000 microns for sheets or multilayer panels
Sheet configuration up to 5 layers
Output over 1200 kg/h


Co-extrusion is the extrusion of multiple layers of material simultaneously. This type of extrusion utilizes two or more extruders to melt and deliver a steady volumetric throughput of different viscous plastics to a single extrusion die which will extrude the materials in the desired form. The layer thicknesses are controlled by the relative speeds and sizes of the individual extruders delivering the materials.

According to food regulations; Food contact materials cannot be recycled material. Kuzey Multi-layer extrusion lines have three layers A/B/A sheet structure to avoid contact between the packaged goods and recycled material. Kuzey extruder runs virgin material only in the two outside layers which is A, while using recycled material in the middle layer which is B.

Screw and Barrel:

Screw and barrel transport the polymer from the feed hopper to the extruder outlet and bring about the melting of the polymer while carrying out any mixing required during the process.

To generate a stable and homogeneous supply of polymer melt, the nitration steel screw design, and barrel length according to the material are designed and chosen. Kuzey extruder has the option which is called the Bimetal material which provides longer wearing life while preventing corrosion.

The screw is coated with PTA and the following process after the coating is to apply the gas nitration on the second surface.
Exterior Surface Hardness 57-59 HRC and Coating Thickness 1.5 / 2.
Screw and barrel get the material to needed production temperature moving it forward. Kuzey screws have the additional mid barrier between the main helical to maximize the pressure and contact the material with the wider surface for better heat transaction. This design helps better flow and efficient outlet.


Extruder Die

As a leading supplier of high-quality PP- PS – PET sheet lines, Kuzey manufacture the extrsusion dies with own design and engeniering.

The melt is extruded through lips ; for PET Line die position design vertical , for PP lines 45 degree angle from the calenders.
The coat-hanger die allow us to reach high thicknesses while reducing any flow non-uniformity, keeping homogeneity consistently. 1.2714 steel die with special heat treatment, completely stresses relief.

Heated Lips and surface of flowing harden treatment are manufactured with chromium plating heating bars made of stainless steel.
Push and pull type lip gap adjustment allow operator to adjust low and high thicknesses.
For PET sheet production; Kuzey extruder gives the opportunity to run the anti-block additive in thin homogeneous layers instead of covering sheet with silicon.


The quality of a clear sheet is defined by the calender unit . For this reason, particular attention must be paid to the chromium plated and high-mirror polished solid calender rolls. These represent the quality for producing sheets with perfect surfaces. .

The calender is a series of hard pressure rollers used to finish or smooth a sheet of plastic materials.

These rollers are designed on vertical direction for PP, PS, PET however, for PET sheet only, rolls design as horizontal direction to reach high thicknesses while keeping homogeneity.

Kuzey calender units provide high precision concentricity and flexural strength, even the thinnest of sheets can be manufactured with extreme accuracy. Each Roll is controlled with a separate thermo-regulators. Thermo-regulators can be adjusted separately from 10 – 90° C. Calender Thickness Motion control is by the servo and gearbox system.

Extruder calender


Extruder accumulator

We design the control system with PLC and pneumatic cylinders that make the whole production line be non-stop and let the accumulator works with the 5 to 50 meters line speed in synchronization.

Film accumulator ;
-Working from bottom to top position moveable on linear between aluminium rolls bearing via proportional valve .
– Keep the balance for different production speed capacities up to 26 meters with easy handling chains via pneumatic cylinders
-When the winder group is stopped accumulator activeted automatically via sensors
-Sheet height between aluminium valves controlled by sensors. Metallic Frame and steel construction with length Counter .


KUZEY extrusion line has semi-automated sheet winding systems working with torque-driven AC motors mechanically and controlled by PLC for PET, PP.

Maximum winding width 950 mm
Winder car 2 pcs max capacity 1750 KG

Semi-automated winders work in combination with an accumulator, which wraps the sheet automatically via sensors during the manual change with of the roll in the winders. AC-motor generates storage movement and precise sheet tension .All winders are designed and built by Kuzey.

These winding systems are the most well-known for excellent production reliability at an attractive cost level.

Extruder winder