CMK 73 100

CMK 73-100

Max. Mould Area 900 x 350 mm
Max. Forming Area 700 x 300 mm
Movement Motor (With inverter) 5.5 kW AC Sürücülü
Sheet Movement Unit 2.2 kw Servo Motor
Sheet Unwinding Unit
Fire Sarma motoru 0.55kW AC Engine
Max. Product Height 100mm(160mm Opt.)
Upper Heaters 35 kW
Lower Heaters 22 kW
Total Motors Power 8.5 kW
Total Power Consumption 30-35 kW
Air Pressure 8 ps bar.
Dimensions ( L-W-H ) 4000 x 2150 x 2300 mm
Machine Weight 4000 kg.
Machine Cycle 35 D/D – cycle/minute
Touch Screen Panel With PLC Contol System
Automatic Lubricating System
Pneumatic Sheet Lifting System
Mobile Electrical Control Panel

CMK 73- 100 Platic Cup Thermoform Machine

 All kind of round cups, rectangular cups, chocolate seperators and many other different kinds of cups are possible to produce with our CMK 73-100 machine ..Works fine of PP, PS, PVC and PET. ( Max. 1.8mm ) Recommended to use pre-heating for PP thicker than 0.70mm.